Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bells -3 D Quilling

 3  D quilled bells and holly berries are very easy to make and can be used for making beautiful cards, gift tags and other decorative items for Christmas.
Here is a simple tutorial for making bells. The leaves shown are punched , they can be substituted with quilled marquis leaves.
1 Use a full strip to make a tight coil, if you wish to make a larger bell then use 2 or more strips.
2 Stick the end of the flat coil carefully.
3 Gently push up the centre of the flat coil , it will take a dome shape.Keep pushing up till the dome takes the shape of a bell.
4 Spread glue on the inner side of the bell so the coils firmly stick to each other.
5 A bead or a tiny round quilled coil can be used as the clapper .
The bell is ready and should be left to dry for sometime.
Make green marquis and pinch ends to form leaves. or use punched leaves .
Holly berries are just small red coils stuck on punched leaves, easy to make but look stunning all the same.



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