Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quilled Wreath -Tutorial

This quilled wreath is 3 " in diameter and has simple quilling.Six flowers and some leaves make this decorative piece for hanging on a door or a wall!
1 Take a piece of stiff paper, I used an empty paper carton, cut a 3" circle and made a smaller one inside it. A compass helps a lot in this procedure.
2 Now that we have a wreath frame , time to paint it green using acrylic colors.
3 Make six flowers of your choice , I used blue and white ,make marquis teardrops and glue into flowers.
4 Make leaves with marquis shapes , I have used a lighter shade of green around the leaves as they were looking dull.
5 Make tight yellow coils for flower centres and glue them.
Try out different arrangements on the wreath frame and glue on the flowers first. The leaves can be added as required.


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