Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines Day

There is an interesting story behind Valentines Day. Its said that in 270 AD King Claudius of Rome had prohibited marriages in his kingdom as according to him married men made bad soldiers ! Valentine was a bishop , he believed in love and holy matrimony . He secretly performed marriages and was eventually caught and jailed by the kings men.
In jail he fell in love with the jailors daughter. He wrote her a last love letter signing from "Your Valentine " , this remains the main message of Valentines Day even today.
Unfortunately Valentine was executed on 14th February .He is considered to be the patron of Love as he died for his beliefs . Couples celebrate 14th February as a day of Love and togetherness .


  1. Beautiful ! especially the roses,

  2. wow!! very nice project! I wonder what way is it possible to make this Beauty even!???? I am charmed with this hert! ))) Great!
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