Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quilled Topiary-Tutorial

This topiary is a good example of 3 D quilling and is made up of 16 quilled roses which I quilled while watching TV!
A topiary is a beautiful flower arrangement which adds charm and elegance to any home.
1 Take a Styrofoam 1"ball , this base gives the round shape to the floral arrangement.
2 Make quilled roses , lots of them!
3 Use a plastic straw or toothpicks/dowel sticks for the stem.Cut it to size and wrap it with quilled green strip or paint it.
4 Make a quilled pot .
5 Stick the roses on the Styrofoam ball with white glue or glue gun.Start from the top and keep on sticking roses to cover the entire surface.
6 Insert the dowel stick into the ball.
7 Position the arrangement in the quilled pot , this is tricky as the pot tends to topple over!
These mini rose topiaries can be used as giveaways at bridal showers,table decorations etc.


  1. I agree they will sure make lovely gifts.It is always difficult to make miniatures. You have done a good job .

  2. very cute!
    Nati from Brazil

  3. Suganthi, Paula, Nati thanks for the encouragement :)


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