Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quilled Bouquet

This flower bouquet goes to Take a Quill Pills First Anniversary challenge to Piyu who has done a fabulous job by bringing quilling into focus.
The recipe calls for some colorful quilling , one has to use fringing technique, tight coils and more than 5 colors !
I had a great time making this piece of quilling, I have used more than recommended 5 colors , there is red, blue,white, yellow , green and pink.
This is a framing project joining the queue of others waiting to be framed.


  1. Very beautiful! I love it, the flowers are so lovely arranged! The red one and the small withe ones are my favorites!

  2. So beautiful! Loved the colour combination. And a perfect take on the challenge theme. Thank you so much for participating in Take a Quill Pill's Anniversary celebrations.


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