Friday, October 21, 2011

Diwali Card

This is a quilled Diwali card depicting a terracota lamp which is traditionally used to lightup and decorate our homes on Diwali.
During my childhood my Mom used to start Diwali preparations weeks in advance . We all enjoyed buying these earthen diyas or lamps from roadside vendors , filling them with oil and and placing them on walls and ledges of our home.
Nowadays Diyas have been replaced with electric lights which can be used for several years, just plug in and thats it! Personally I find it very mechanical and cold.
The poor potters work feverishly to make these diyas and hope to make a decent living ,its tough to see a potter sitting alone with unsold diyas on Diwali eve.

Please buy at least a dozen diyas , their glow will light up your home as well as someones heart.


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