Monday, December 6, 2010

Cards -Decoupage

Cards are quite easy to make with the things available at home even if one is artistically challenged !
Decoupage is one of the ways to make cards.It means cutting and pasting as desired ,decoupage sheets are available in the market. Take a nice patterned sheet , even old gift wrappings will do.
1 Card paper/chart paper
2 Pattern sheet
3 Scissors, gum , pencil, ruler
Choose the color of the card paper keeping in mind the main colors of the flowers to be stuck on it. Its a good idea to try out the layout before applying gum .
If you wish to give a contrasting background then cut a circle or an oval shape of a different shade of paper and stick it on the card . Then start sticking the flowers and leaves to give a harmonious and pleasing effect.
To make the above card I selected pink card sheet and a black oval shape which I made on black chart paper. Circles, ovals can be made with lids and other things.
Then I stuck the roses and added the leaves as required.
I like the end result!

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