Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paper Roses- Tutorial

These roses are very easy to make . Cut out 8 rectangles /petals depending on the size of the rose you wish to make. Curl the ends of one side with quilling tool . Make a snip in the centre of the other side.
1 Take 5 petals and stick them with petals overlapping , make a circle. This will be the outer ring of petals.
2 Stick the remaining 3 petals in a tight circle .
3 Stick this inside the bigger circle of petals.This way we get two layers of petals.
4 Take a 3" strip of the same shade and make a relaxed roll. Stick it in the centre of the rose .
Materials required -
Colored broad strip at least 1/2 " wide .
Fevicol or colorless glue
quilling tool .


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