Friday, July 9, 2010

3 D Fan - Tutorial

I desperately wanted to make a 3 D fan and it took me three days to do it ! It can stand on its own and is pretty sturdy though looks delicate.All the quilling has been done with a toothpick.


1 Quilling tool /toothpick
2 Quilling strips of desired color , I cut and paint my strips so its easy.
3 Glue
4 Paper to make sticks for the frame.
5 Plastic sheet to work while sticking the pieces.
6 A quilled rose and a few loose coils .


1 Cut rectangles of paper and start folling from one end diagonally , stick the end. We get nice long rolls this way for the framework of the fan. I made 7 sticks .
2 Stick the rolls in a fan shape .Let it dry nicely.
3 Now fill up the spaces with quilling shapes of your choice , S scrolls , marquis even flowers can be used to fill up the frame.
Needs lots of patience but its worth the effort ! Let your imagination run riot and make a fan in single color or multicolor.

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