Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fringed flowers tutorial

Quilled fringed flowers look beautiful and can be made easily !
Take a 12 " strip one inch wide .Use the fringing gadget or use plain scissors to make a fringe.
1 .5 mm yellow strip 3 " long for centre.
2 Fringed strip 12" long of the desired color
3 white glue/ fevicol
4 Quilling tool
1 Coil the strip for the centre and glue it while on the quilling tool.Do not take it off.
2 Glue the fringed strip end to the centre and start coiling tightly. Glue the ends.
3 Let it dry and gently take it off the tool.
4 Open up the petals i.e. the fringes outwards to reveal the centre.
The edges can be neatened with scissors.
Centre- The fringed strip can be coiled on the tool taken off and the centre coil glued on later . This gives a D effect .

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