Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink Blossom Tree

After watching the videos and trying my best to quill with a toothpick and self made strips I was finally able to put together a picture of a tree.
White A-4 size paper was readily available and it was easy for me to start quilling after cutting the strips . I made lots of marquis , stuck the ends , and glued them together in a tree shape on a plastic sheet.
Next I used a brush to paint glue on both sides of the tree and stuck it on black card paper.This took care of the loose ends !
Making curls was simple and I used them as leaves or foliage .
I made pink marquis by painting a few strips , stuck 3 of them together to resemble a flower and inserted them into the foliage.
Pink marquis were added and my first tree was ready !

White paper
Fevicol/ glue
Card paper for background

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